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115 Organizations call for human rights monitoring to be included in MINURSO mandate

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10174868_751251981573032_967871031832889035_nBrussels, April 15, 2014 (SPS) – In anticipation of the United Nations Security Council meeting on Western Sahara on 17th April, 115 International and Saharawi organizations, from 21 countries around the world issued a joint letter calling on the UN Security Council to expand the current mandate of the MINURSO to include the monitoring and protection of the human rights in Western Sahara.

The letter recalled of the frequent reports of Moroccan human rights abuses in occupied Western Sahara, including police violence, torture, forced disappearances and political prisoners.

The ONGs indicated that the only way to accurately monitor the actual human rights situation is through “independent investigation and reporting by MINURSO,” adding that this is a fundamental part of the process for achieving a lasting solution to a continuing crisis.

They also urged the Security Council and UN member states to redouble their efforts to fulfill the Sahrawi right to self-determination, including the option of independence, as an indispensable requirement to meet the international law and UN doctrine in relation to decolonisation.

On other hand, the 115 organisations pointed out that the continuing exploitation of Western Sahara’s natural resources by Morocco and its international partners, without reference to the Sahrawi people, also falls under the category of human rights violations.

Established in 1991, the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) was tasked with organizing a referendum on self-determination for the Sahrawi people and maintaining a ceasefire agreement between Morocco and the Polisario Front.

Below is a full list of organizations who are co-signatories to the letter:

1- Adala UK, United Kingdom

2- Afrika Kontakt, Denmark

3- Agir Contre le Colonialisme Aujourd’hui (ACCA), France

4- Amis du Monde Diplomatique – Belgique, Belgium

5- Amis du Peuple du Sahara Occidental (APSO), France


7- Asocación de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui (AAPSIB), Spain

8- Asociación Soriana de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui , Spain

9- Asociación Venezolana de Solidaridad con el Sáhara (ASOVESSA), Venezuala

10- Assistance Advocacy Access Serbia, Serbia

11- Associação de Amizade Portugal-Sahara Ocidental, Portugal

12- Associació d’Amics del Poble Sahrauí de les Illes Balears, Spain

13- Bachri Bentaleb, Associación Saharaui para Proteger y Divulgar y el Patrimmonio Saharaui ( ASPDCPS), Western Sahara (occupied territories)

14- Association de la Communauté Sahraouie en France (ACSF), France

15- Association de solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui de Lorraine (ASPS), France

16- Association des Amis de la République Arabe Sahraouie Démocratique (AARASD), France

17- Association des Anciens Appelés d’Algérie et de leurs Amis Contre la Guerre (4ACG), France

18- Association des Familles des Prisonniers et Disparus Sahraouis (AFAPREDESA), Western Sahara (refugee camps)

19- Association des Sahraouis en France (ASF), France

20- Association Française d’Amitié et de Solidarité avec le Peuples d’Afrique (AFASPA), France

21- Association Havraise Solidarité et Echange avec Tous les Immigrés (AHSETI), France

22- Association Ibsar des Handicappés au Sahara Occidental, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

23- Association of Artists and creators Sahrawis, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

24- Association Sahraouie des Victimes des Mines (ASVIM), Western Sahara (refugee camps)

25- Association Vierzonnaise de Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui (AVSPS), France

26- Associazione di Solidarieta’ con il Poplo Saharawi “Al Awda” , Italy

27- Association Sahraouie des Victimes des Violations Graves des Droits de l’Homme Commises par l’Etat du Maroc (ASVDH), Western Sahara (occupied territories)

28- Australia Western Sahara Association, Australia

29- Australian Unions for Western Sahara, Australia

30- Belgian Parliamentary Intergroup, Paix pour le Peuple Sahraoui, Belgium

31- Blain Accueil Enfants Sahraouis (BAES), France

32- Capsolidaire, France

33- Collectif des Défenseurs Sahraouis des Droits de l’Homme (CODESA), Western Sahara (occupied territories)

34- Collectif Midi-Pyrénées de Soutien au Peuple Sahraoui (COMIPSO), France

35- Comitato “Selma”, Italy

36- Comité Belge pour le Soutien au Peuple Sahraouis, Belgium

37- Comité de Jumelage de Gonfreville l’Orcher, France

38- Comité de Soutien au Plan de Résolution Onusien et pour la Protection des Ressources Naturelles au Sahara Occidental, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

39- Comité Limousin de Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui (CLSPS), France

40- Comité National Algérien de Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui (CNASPS), Algeria

41- Comité pour la Défense du Droit à l’Autodétermination pour le Peuple du Sahara Occidental (CODAPSO), Western Sahara (occupied territories)

42- Comité pour le Respect des Libertés et des Droits Humains au Sahara Occidental (CORELSO), France

43- Commission Nationale Sahraouie des Droits de l’Homme, Western Sahara (refugee camps)

44- Coordination of the Families of Saharawi Political Prisoners in Dakhla, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

45- Danish United Nations Association, Denmark

46- Dialogue des Peuples, Belgium

47- Droit Solidarité, France

48- Enfants Réfugiés du Monde, Pays de Loire (ERMPL), France

49- European Coordination of Support for the People of Western Sahara (EUCOCO), (international)

50- Euro-Med Movement (Malta), Malta

51- European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights, Germany

52- European Parliamentary Intergroup, Paix pour le Peuple Sahraoui, (international)

53- Fédération des Associations de Solidarité avec les Travailleurs Immigrés (FASTI), France

54- Federation du Reseau Italien de Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui, Italy

55- Federacion Estatal de Instituciones Solidarias con el Sahara (FEDISSAH), Spain

56- Femmes Solidaires, France

57- Forum Nord Sud, Belgium

58- Freie Westsahara, Germany

59- German coordination, Sahara Marathon, Germany

60- Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Germany

61- Groupe Non-Violence Active Sahara Occidental (NOVA SAHARA OCCIDENTAL), Western Sahara

62- Hungarian Western Sahara Association, Hungary

63- Institute for Western Sahara Studies (Institut za studije Zahodne Sahare), Slovenia

64- Institute for Social Creativity (Institut za druzbeno kreativnost), Slovenia

65- International Association of Jurists for Western Sahara, Spain

66- International Platform of Jurists for East Timor, Portugal

67- l’Association pour un Référendum Libre et Régulier au Sahara Occidental (ARSO), Switzerland

68- La Coordination Nationale d’Action pour la Paix et la Démocratie (CNAPD), Belgium

69- Le Carrefour Sahraoui des Initiatives Culturelles et Mediatiques, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

70- Le Centre National de Coopération au Développement (CNCD), Belgium

71- Le Comité Suisse de Soutien au Peuple Sahraoui, Switzerland

72- Le Mouvement de la Paix, France

73- Ligue des Étudiants Sahraouis en France, France

74- Medico International, Germany

75- Moroccan Association for Human Rights in Dakhla, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

76- Mouvement Contre le Racisme et pour l’Amitié entre les Peuples (MRAP), Switzerland

77- Not Forgotten International, United States of America

78- Pax Christi International, Belgium

79- Plateforme pour la Solidarité avec le Peuple du Sahara Occidental, France

80- Projektgruppe Westsahara, Germany

81- Quand l’Occident Rencontre le Désert (QORD), France

81- Sahara-Japan Journalists Association, Japan

83- Sahrawi Association of Victims of Mines in Dakhla , Western Sahara (occupied territories)

84- Sahrawi Center for Media and Communication, Western Sahara

85- Service Civil International, Belgium

86- Social Democratic Youth, Denmark

87- Socialist Youth Front, Denmark

88- Stichting zelfbeschikking WS, The Netherlands

89- Stockholms FN-förening, Sweden

90- Strategic Conflict Resolution Group, USA

91- Survie, France

92- Swedish Western Sahara Committee, Sweden

93- The Committee Against Torture in Dakhla, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

94- The Group Shoumoukh, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

95- The Sahrawi Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Glaimim, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

96- The Sahrawi Observatory for Child and Woman, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

97- The Sun of Freedom to Protect Sahrawi Human Rights, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

98- Um Draiga, Spain

99- Union des Étudiants de Seguia El Hamra y Rio de Oro, Western Sahara

100- Union des Journalistes et Écrivains Sahraouis (UPES), Western Sahara

101- Union des Juristes Sahraouis (UJS), Western Sahara (refugee camps)

102- Union General des Travailleurs de Seguia El Hamra y Rio de Oro (UGTSARIO), Western Sahara (refugee camps)

103- Unión Nacional de la Juventud de Saguia el Hamra y Rió de Oro (UJSARIO), Western Sahara (refugee camps)

104- Union Nacional de Mujeres Saharauis, Western Sahara (refugee camps)

105- Volkshilfe, Austria

106- Vrede, Belgium

107- War on Want, United Kingdom

108- Western Sahara Action Forum, United Kingdom

109- Western Sahara Campaign UK, United Kingdom

110- Western Sahara CEE Alliance, Hungary

111- Western Sahara Fisheries Association, Western Sahara (occupied territories)

112- Western Sahara Human Rights Watch, Spain

113- Western Sahara Resource Watch (Spain), Spain

114- Zain Atfaak, Belgium

115- Zentrum für Europäische und Orientalische Kultur, Germany. (SPS)

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