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The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its Twenty
First Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa from 17 – 24 May 1973,

Having noted the Report of the Administrative Secretary General on the question of the
Sahara under Spanish domination (CM/502 Part III) and referring to resolution CM/272
(XIX) unanimously adopted by the Rabat Summit,

Reaffirming the determination of Member States to achieve the total liberation of the
African continent in the shortest possible time,

Having directed its special attention to the evolution of the situation in the Sahara still
under Spanish domination,

Demonstrating its concern regarding the attitude and intentions of the Spanish
Government in respect of the decolonization of the Sahara under Spanish domination,

1. DENOUNCES the dilatory manoevres of the Spanish Government by which it
seeks to avoid the obligations incumbent upon it and the relevant decisions of
international bodies in order to prolong a situation fraught with risks of tension to
the region;

2. EXPRESSES its complete solidarity with the people of the Sahara under Spanish

3. CALLS ONCE AGAIN UPON Spain to create the climate of political freedom
necessary for genuine expression of the will of the people

4. REAFFIRMS its determination to take steps energetically within the United
Nations Organization so that the latter may shoulder its responsibilities which are
clearly set forth in several relevant resolutions supported by the Organization of
African Unity and the non-aligned countries;

5. REQUESTS bordering States directly concerned to continue their consultations
and to concert and intensify their action to implement Resolution No. 2983
(XXVII) of the United Nations General Assembly and especially the provisions
concerning the speedy holding of a referendum with a view to enabling the
indigenous people to freely express their will, in accordance with the principles of
the UN Charter, under the responsibility and with the guarantees of the
international organizations;

6. URGES the United Nations Organization to assume without delay its
responsibilities with regard to this problem, by ensuring the rapid application of
the procedure laid down in the relevant resolutions for the total decolonization of
this region.

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