12:32 am - Thursday March 22, 2018


Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, SADR

 GOVERNMENT – January 2016


The President of the Republic: H.E Mr. Brahim Ghali



- Prime Minister: H.E Mr. Abdelkader Taleb Oumar,

Minister of Foreign Affairs: H.E Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek

 – Minister of National DefenceH.E. Mr. Abdellah Lehbib Bellal

- Minister of Occupied Territories: H.E Mr. Mohamed Elouali Akeik

- Minister of –Interior: H.E Mr. Hamma Salama

- Minister of CooperationH.E Mr. Belahi Mohamed Fadel

 – Minister of Health: H.E Mr. Mohamed Lamine Dedi

- Minister of the Reconstruction of Liberated ZonesH.E Mr. Mohamed Lamine Bouhali

Minister of Economic Development: H.E. Adda Brahim Hmeim

- Minister of Equipment: H.E Mr. Sid’ Ahmed Batal

- Minister of Education: H.E Mr. Mohamed Mouloud Mohamed Fadel

- Minister of Information: H.E. Mr. Hamada Selma Daf

- Minister of Commerce: H.E. Mr. Mohamed Mustapha Tleimidi

- Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs: H.E Mr. Mrabih Lmami Dai

- Minister of Culture: H.E Mrs. Khadija Hamdi

- Minister of Transportation: H.E Mr. Babiya Chiaa

- Minister of State Councilor at the Presidency, H.E. Mr. Bachir Mustapha Sayed

- Minister Councilor at the Presidency, H.E Mr. Nama Saaid Joumani

- Minister Councilor to the Prime Minister: H.E Mr. Salek Babih

- Minister Delegated at the FA Ministry in Charge of Europe: H.E Mr. Mohamed Sidati

- Minister Delegated at the FA Ministry in Charge of Latin America: H.E Mr. Mansour Omar

- Minister Delegated at the FA Ministry in Charge of AfricaH.E Mr. Hamdi Khalil Mayara

 – Secretary of State for Documentation and SecurityH.E Mr. Brahim Mohamed Mahmoud

- Secretary of State for Youth and Sports: H.E. Mr. Ahmed Lehbib Abdi

- Minister for water and the EnvironmentH.E Mr. Brahim Mukhtar

- Secretary of State for Professional Training and Employment: H.E Mr. Mohamed El Mami Tamek

- Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Women Emancipation: H.E Mrs. Mahfouda Mohamed Rahal

- Secretary General of the Presidency: H.E Mr. Daf Mohamed Fadel

- Secretary General of the Government:  H.E Mr. Sid Ahmed Tayeb

- Secretary General of the Ministry for Foreign AffairsH.E Mr. Hamdi Beiha

- Person in charge of the National Commission for the referendum, legal issues and Natural Resources, H.E. Mr. M’Hamed Khadad.

- Person in Charge of the National Treasury, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Lamin Ahmed


- Governor of the Wilaya of El Aaiun, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Salem Beissat

- Governor of the Wilaya of Ausserd, H.E. Mrs. Mariam Hmada

- Governor of the Wilaya of Smara, H.E. Salem Lebsir

- Governor of the Wilaya of Dakhla, H.E. Mr. Salek Baba Hasanna

- Governor of the Wilaya of Bujdur, H.E. Mrs. Fatma Balla.