12:31 am - Thursday March 22, 2018

Kosmos Energy ignores pleas from the owners of Western Sahara oil

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kosmos6_609No oil exploration can take place in Western Sahara unless people consent to it. Today Kosmos announced will to continue searching in Western Sahara despite condemnations from the people of the territory See Saharawis mobilise.

Today Kosmos Energy announced that it will continue drilling in Western Sahara, despite its first well was empty.

Pictures below are of people from Western Sahara. The UN has stated that any further oil search is illegal if the Sahrarawi people object to it. To the right is the conclusion of the UN legal opinion of the oil exploration.

Despite UN calls, any reference to the wishes of the people is ignored by Kosmos Energy, see for instance how Kosmos launched a propaganda website last week. Morocco, the occupying power of Western Sahara and Kosmos’s partner,  forbids talks on self-determination, gives life-sentences to opponents of the plunder, and has caused half the people of the territory to flee.

All images in this article was taken last week. They all show Saharawis objecting to Kosmos Energy and French company Total, both with licences in Western Sahara issued by neighbouring country Morocco.

Kosmos announced today it had found traces of gas in its first well in Western Sahara, and that it will keep looking.

Article and photos : WSRW




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