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Legal opinions

I- Introduction:

II- Links to some relevant opinions and legal documents:


I- Introduction:

Western Sahara is the geographical and political name of the territory of the SAHARAWI ARAB DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC (SADR). It used to be a Spanish colony from 1884 to 26 of February 1976, when Spain simply withdrew from it leaving it to a dual invasion from Morocco and Mauritania and causing the worst example of unfinished Decolonization in Africa.

The United Nations consider Western Sahara as a Non-Self-Governing territory, and includes it since 1966 in its decolonization list to be discussed every year in the 24th Commission of the General Assembly.

There are a lot of legal research, opinions and literature about this case, which reflects a serious lack of respect of international law by Morocco, and a more serious lack of implementation of the international law from the UN and the international community.

For further legal readings about the territory status and the conflict, the website provides the readers with links to some of the most famous documents, and opinions on the subject:

1- International Court of Justice

2- Natural Resources:

3- OAU- UN Peace Plans

4- Memorandums and proposal of the Saharawi liberation movement, POLISARIO