12:30 am - Thursday March 22, 2018

Peaceful protest in Tan Tan strongly supressed by Moroccan authorities

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bujadddddddddddddddor03TAN TAN (Morocco), Moroccan authorities strongly suppressed a peaceful demonstration staged by young jobless Saharawi people in the town of Tan Tan, in the south of Morocco, leaving tens of them injured, according to a Sahrawi human rights source from the city

The young demonstrators claimed their right to work and denounced “their exclusion because of Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara,” citing a statement by the Saharawi Coordination for Human Rights Defence.
Moroccan authorities “surrounded the building of the National University in Tan Tan, where the demonstrators were holding a rally, before supressing the protestors, leavings tens of them injured,” the source said.

The Saharawi Coordination for Human Rights denounced “every form of suppression, intimidation and torture against those youths.

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